Releasing v1.0.0 of a Chat Project

Sep 4, 2017 · 2 minutes read · [Angular] [TypeScript] [Chat] []

Some months ago I implemented a simple chat version using TypeScript language only. This project was presented in a local conference, explaining some reasons to use TypeScript language in your backend and frontend projects.

Today I’m happy to announce that my GitHub repository is fully updated and version 1.0.0 has been released.

Live Demo

Open at least two browser windows and try the application here:

Source Code

Source code available here:

I’ll write a post later explaining how I built this project. In the meantime, I’ll list the features you can find in it:

Server Side Features

  1. TypeScript implementation using classes for models and the express server.
  2. Using Express and through @types/express and @types/ packages.
  3. Latest TypeScript version (2.5.0).
  4. Using Gulp to compile and generate a dist directory. This result I deployed easily on Heroku.

Client Side Features

  1. Using Angular CLI for project scaffolding.
  2. client implementation through @types/ package.
  3. Latest version of Angular Material(2.0.0-beta.10 at this time).
  4. Using Material Icons.
  5. Using different Modules from Angular Material: MdIconModule, MdInputModule, MdButtonModule, MdCardModule, MdDialogModule, MdSidenavModule, MdToolbarModule, MdListModule.
  6. Using many components and simple styling using CSS only.
  7. Using Validators from @angular/forms.


This project is experimental and I used it for demonstration purposes only. However, you can fork it and contribute with new features/fixes.

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